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Turn on. Run fast. Repeat.
That’s It.

Precision Timing.
Peak Performance.

Elevate your training with Freelap's cutting-edge technology. Designed for precise timing on
your track, field, or court, our fully-automated system combines accuracy with ease of use. Are
your athletes getting faster? Time, track, and manage speed data across a range of distances
and exercises.

  • Mobile and lightweight
  • Set up in minutes
  • Consistent measurements
  • Intuitive mobile app
  • Trusted customer support

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On the track, Freelap can time flying sprints, splits, block starts, tempo runs, laps, and more.
Take Freelap to the turf or grass and time football combine assessments, from linear 10- and 40-
yard dash times to curves and change of direction patterns. Creative coaches take the system to
the soccer pitch, baseball diamond, basketball court, bike trail, ski slope—anywhere athletes
train and display speed.


Small and lightweight, the Freelap components fit in a convenient canvas case. Effective for
travel, coaches, trainers, and athletes can pack their timing system and continue to collect speed
data while on the road or at away meets.


Unlike some timing gates, Freelap can time multiple athletes simultaneously—even across
different distances. Sprinters can be timed performing fly-in 30-meter sprints on the inside lanes
while mid-distance runners are timed in 200-meter tempo runs from the outside lanes. Freelap
components are mix and match—purchase in packs or as individual items, building the complete
system that works best for your training situation.


Freelap can be set up in less than sixty seconds. Turn on the transmitters, place on the track or
training area, and begin your session. Coaches can set up a 30-meter, fly-in sprint in the time it
takes to walk the 30 meters.

Frequently asked questions

What is Freelap?

Freelap is an electronic timing system that provides immediate feedback during training sessions. Freelap can time virtually any distance including short sprints, long sprints, flying sprints, and laps. Freelap can time multiple athletes simultaneously. The app is free, runs on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and can be installed on multiple devices. Coaches can create multiple rosters with an unlimited number of athletes. Results are stored to the cloud, and workouts can be exported to CVS files that can be imported into Excel or Google Sheets.

What are the primary benefits of Freelap?

Freelap is accurate, compact and portable, easy to set up, easy to use, and

Freelap has two chip types, the FxChip and FxChip BLE. What are the features and benefits of each chip type?

This video compares the features and benefits of the FxChip and FxChip BLE

How does Freelap work?

The athlete wears a chip on their waist that detects the magnetic field emitted by transmitters. The FxChip transmits the timing data to the Relay Coach which forwards the data to a mobile device via Bluetooth. The FxChip BLE transmits the timing data directly to a mobile device via Bluetooth.

Start Timing with Freelap Today!

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