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Tips on Timing Tempo Runs

Christopher Glaeser discusses a couple of tips for using Freelap…
How To

How To Clear the Freelap Watch Memory

The Freelap watch can store up to 765 splits. This…
How To

How to Set the Time, Date, Alarm of the Freelap Watch

This video tutorial demonstrates how to set the time, date,…
How To

Video Tutorial – How to use the Sprint Calculator

Plan sprint speed workouts and interventions using calculations based on…
Fully assembled Freelap watch and sprint belt.
How To

How to Assemble the Freelap Sprint Belt

The sprint belt increases timing accuracy by attaching the Freelap…
How To

Freelap IrDA Download Utility

The Freelap stopwatch can store up to 765 splits (or…
Transmitter Setup for Two Lanes
How To

How to Time Multiple Athletes

Freelap can time sprinters in multiple lanes simultaneously. This articles…
How To

How to Set the Freelap Watch Preferences

Follow these instructions to change the Freelap Watch Preferences for…