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Frequently asked questions

What is Freelap?

Freelap is an electronic timing system that provides immediate feedback during training sessions. Freelap can time virtually any distance including short sprints, long sprints, flying sprints, and laps. Freelap can time multiple athletes simultaneously. The app is free, runs on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and can be installed on multiple devices. Coaches can create multiple rosters with an unlimited number of athletes. Results are stored to the cloud, and workouts can be exported to CVS files that can be imported into Excel or Google Sheets.

What are the primary benefits of Freelap?

Freelap is accurate, compact and portable, easy to set up, easy to use, and

Freelap has two chip types, the FxChip and FxChip BLE. What are the features and benefits of each chip type?

This video compares the features and benefits of the FxChip and FxChip BLE

How does Freelap work?

The athlete wears a chip on their waist that detects the magnetic field emitted by transmitters. The FxChip transmits the timing data to the Relay Coach which forwards the data to a mobile device via Bluetooth. The FxChip BLE transmits the timing data directly to a mobile device via Bluetooth.

Can the Freelap system be expanded?

Yes, the Freelap system can be expanded. Each of the Freelap components can be purchased separately to expand timing kit. Each FxChip and FxChip BLE have a unique ID and will work seamlessly with kits of the same chip type.

Can Freelap time splits and laps?

The Freelap chip can time up to ten splits and a virtually unlimited number of laps.

Can Freelap time the 40-yard dash?

Freelap can time sprints from 10 yards to virtually any distance.

Does Freelap support iOS and Android?

Yes, the Freelap runs on both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Are there any license fees?

There are no license fees for the Freelap app or cloud accounts. The Freelap app can
be installed on multiple devices. The timing data is stored on both the mobile device
and cloud account. Coaches can elect to share a cloud account, or each coach can
create their own cloud account.

What types of sports and activities can Freelap be used?

Freelap athletic timing systems can time a wide variety of activities including sprints, hurdles, horizontal jumps, football and other field sports. There are also Freelap timing system for downhill skiing, downhill mountain biking, BMX, and motocross.

What is the minimum spacing between transmitters?

Freelap can time splits from 10 yards to virtually any distance.

Can multiple Tx Junior Pro transmitters be used to measure splits?

Yes, splits can be measured using multiple transmitters. For example, it is possible to use four Tx Junior Pro transmitters to time splits of the 40-yard dash by placing a transmitter at the start, 10 yards, 30 yards, and 40 yards. This setup will provide the times for the first 10 yards, the last 10 yards, and 40 time, all in a single sprint.

What type of batteries does Freelap use?

The FxChip and FxChip BLE use a commonly available CR2032 lithium battery. The Tx Junior Pro transmitter uses 2 AA batteries and are user replaceable. The Tx Touch Pro transmitter uses a CR2032 lithium battery that is rated for 15,000 starts. The Relay Coach BLE has a rechargeable battery that is charged via USB.

Where can I purchase Freelap?

You can purchase Freelap at our online store at

Is Freelap available in my country?

Freelap is available worldwide either through on online store or a Freelap distributor.

Do you accept purchase orders?

Yes, we accept purchase orders from schools and businesses. Let us know if you need a quote.

What is the Freelap warranty?

The Freelap warranty is described on our Warranty Information page.

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