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How to use the Freelap Timing System

The manufacturer’s documentation for Freelap is available here. The information on this site is a supplemental guide. If you have questions about Freelap or need assistance with your Freelap timing system, please contact us by phone at (925) 461-5990 or send a support ticket to

Register an Account

Begin by registering an account at and installing the myfreelap app on a mobile device. The myfreelap app runs on Android and iOS phones and tablets. Coaches may share one account, or they may each register their own account. The app is free, and there is no software licensing or fees.

Freelap Pro Coach BLE and Freelap Pro BT Timing Systems

Freelap has two chip types, the FxChip and FxChip BLE. The Freelap Pro Coach BLE timing systems use the FxChip, and the Freelap Pro BT timing systems use the FxChip BLE. The features and benefits of the two chip types are reviewed in this YouTube video.

The setup and use of the Freelap Pro Coach BLE timing system are discussed here, and the setup and use of the Freelap Pro BT timing system are discussed here.