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Freelap Tx Pad Pro

Whereas the Freelap Tx Touch Pro is designed only for four-point starts, the Tx Pad Pro is designed for both three-point and four-point starts.

To use the Tx Pad Pro, place the device at the start line with the device either facing forward or backward as shown in the image. Do not place the device sideways as the chip may fail to detect the start. Use only one Freelap transmitter for the start (i.e., use either the Tx Pad Pro or Tx Junior Pro for the start; do not use both a Tx Pad Pro and Tx Junior Pro for the start).

The athlete begins by placing their thumb on the marked circle. As the athlete begins their sprint, the device will detect the rapid movement of their thumb which will trigger the device. The device will emit a magnetic pulse that will reset the timer in the chip to zero.

The Tx Pad Pro uses a magnetic USB cable for charging. When the device is turned ON, the LED will be green when the device is charged and red when the device needs to be recharged. The LED will briefly turn OFF and back ON when the athlete’s thumb is moved rapidly away from the device.