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Freelap Tx Touch Pro

The Freelap Tx Touch Pro is designed for four-point starts and block starts. Note that the Tx Touch Pro is not recommended for three-point starts where the athlete’s hand may be placed near the center line, and the chip may fail to detect the release of the button.

To use the Tx Touch Pro, place the device at the start line with the button slightly behind the start line so the athlete’s hand is behind the start line. Use only one Freelap transmitter for the start (i.e., use either the Tx Touch Pro or Tx Junior Pro for the start; do not use both a Tx Touch Pro and Tx Junior Pro for the start).

The athlete begins by placing their thumb on and holding the button. As the athlete begins their sprint, their thumb will release the button, triggering the device. The device will emit a beep for confirmation, and the device will emit a magnetic pulse that will reset the timer in the chip to zero.

There are two generations of the Tx Touch Pro. The first generation uses a CR2032 lithium battery that will power the device for thousands of starts. The second generation uses a rechargeable battery.