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The Freelap Mx Motocross Timer Kit is a portable fully-automated electronic timing system designed for motocross and all terrain vehicles. The kit includes an Mx Timer with protective foam and plastic cover with Velcro straps to mount the handle bars, USB cable and chargers for the US and other countries, canvas zipper bag to store the Mx Timer, Tx Power 5 transmitter, and zipper backpack to store the Tx Power 5.


The Tx Power 5 is powered by four D Cell batteries and has a magnetic field of 5 meters (16 feet). The Tx Power 5 can be used to trigger an unlimited number of Mx Timers that are using the same Mx course. Simply turn on the portable Tx Power 5 transmitter and place it next to the track to trigger each Mx Timer in each lap. Multiple Tx Power 5 transmitters can be used to provide split times.


The Mx Timer records laps times and best lap time, and has a back-lit display for easy reading. The Mx Timer is water resistant. The system accuracy is 2/100 seconds.


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