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Video Cycling

2008 Olympic BMX Bronze Medalist Jill Kintner

Video Transcript

Jill Kintner: HI, I’m Jill Kintner from Team Norco International giving a shout out to Freelap.

It’s one of those tools that we use every single day to find lines and to find speed. It takes all the guess work out of the equation. Downhill is a timed sport when you are racing. The difference between knowing what’s fast and feeling fast is right there on your watch.

When we do product testing for Fox, they set up split points and they do minute changes to your suspension and you will find out it will feel different, but you’re not sure how different, and then you end up two seconds faster and you never even knew. Having that feedback and that instant knowledge of what you are doing is improving and driving forward. You check your times and you are always improving.

It’s a game that we play when we get three or four of our friends together and we have our own little races. It takes the monotony of training to the next level and that competition and those nerves going through race simulation. For us it’s the most valuable tool we use in our practice and our training. It’s really important for us and glad to have it.

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