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Below are some of the colleges and universities that have integrated Freelap electronic timing into their speed development programs. Contact us today to learn how Freelap can enhance your training program.

Adrian Collete

University of Akron

Alma College

Alvernia University

American River College

Ashford University

Bethune Cookman University

Bradley University

Brown University

Bryant Univesity

Carnegie Mellon University

Colby College

Cornell University

Davidson College

Duke University

Florida International University

Fort Hays State University

University of Georgia

Illinois State University

University of Illinois

Indiana University

Iowa State University

University of Iowa

Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville University

Loma Linda University

Louisiana State University

Louisiana Tech University

Marion University

University of Michigan

Michigan State University

University of Minnesota

University of Missouri

Nebraska Wesleyan University

University Nevada Las Vegas

University of Nevada Reno

North Carolina State University

University of North Carolina Chapel Hill

North Platte Community College

Northwest University

Oakland University

Oklahoma State University

Pacific Lutheran University

The Pennsylvania State University

State University Plattsburgh

Portland State University

Princeton University

University of Puerto Rico

University of Rhode Island

Virginia State University

Samford University

San Francisco State University

University of South Carolina

Southern Methodist University

Spring Arbor University

Stanford University

Stellenbosch University

Syracuse University

Texas Tech University

Texas State University

Union College

Villanova University

West Point Academy

West Virginia University

Winona State University

University of Wisonsin

University of Wisconsin Whitewhater

Yuba College