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Donny Robinson How Electronic Timing Improves BMX Training


Video Transcript

Christopher: Hi, Christopher Glaeser of Freelap USA. We are here today at the Napa Valley BMX track with Donny Robinson and Bryce Betts. Today they did some timing with the Freelap timing system and we’re going to talk a little bit about their setup.

Donny: Yeah, Freelap is a huge part of our training that we do. It’s become critical. It’s so easy to train and then go to a race and judge about where you’re at and if your training is working or not. Just with race results and BMX being the way it is with seven other riders on the gate and all these other jumps and turns out here you can’t really just base how your training is going on your race results because so many things can happen. So in training it’s become very crucial for us to track ourselves weekly. With the Freelap system whether it’s using it out of the gate or around the rhythm sections it’s something that we need to have that will tell us we’re on the right track training or we need to switch something up. I am so grateful for the Freelap system and to be able to use it because it’s helping me progress and the confidence on a weekly basis is not a bad thing for me.

Bryce: I think Donny just summed it up. It’s super easy to set up. We get out there and literally it takes only minutes to set up. All you do is switch it on and then make sure it’s right there with your watch and you’re there within less than a minute. The longest part is actually walking to the spot to figure it out.

Christopher: And so today you were setting up I believe two sections. You put a couple of Tx Juniors at the start. You put one at the gate and one at the thirty. And then you timed the back section putting one transmitters at the end of the first turn and another into the second turn, is that right?

Bryce: Yeah, we set it up at the thirty foot line at first and we got gate speed to thirty foot and Donny kind of showed me up there. And then we set it up in the second straight; there was a nice tailwind so we got second straight through to the second turn before the rhythm and we were timing that. Usually we’ll go through the second straight pretty fast but with the timing system racing each other we absolutely push the limits to beat each other and this time Donny won, for sure.

Donny: Well basically I’m the veteran on the circuit and we have the young gun here. And this it was is so awesome about the Freelap system, is that I have my strengths which are power out of the gate and a lot of strength and Bryce here is really good around the track with rhythm sections and just track speed. So it’s kind of cool for us to push each other because I know that he’s so great on the rhythm sections. So, again, with the Freelap, you know, you don’t just have to say, “wow, he looked faster.” We can actually track it and with the rhythm section not being one of my strong suits it definitely helps push me to say, ok, I am catching up to Bryce or I’m falling farther behind. So it’s awesome how people with different skills around different parts of the track can benefit from the Freelap.

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