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Leslie Sherlin

Leslie Sherlin, PhD studies the brains of people making decisions — very, good decisions. He’s one of the world’s leading experts on the neuroscience of high performance, having spent his career pursuing the answer to one simple question:

Why is one person so naturally gifted while others try so much harder — only to fall short?

Music. Math. Sports. Some have a knack while the rest of us struggle. Twenty years, four universities, and 35,000 qEEGs later, Sherlin has found his answer in the electrical patterns of the brain.

While he has founded a number of different companies and holds four academic appointments, Sherlin is the Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of SenseLabs, a leader in the research and use of neuroscience for improving human performance.

Sherlin has led SenseLabs’ research partnerships with Red Bull’s High Performance Center, USA Track & Field, US military Special Operations Forces and more, to discover what the brains of the most high performing people were doing and help them do more of it.

Dr. Sherlin’s work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, BBC, Sports Illustrated, CNN, ESPN, CBS and more. He is also a sought-after public speaker, with 100’s of hours on stage around the world.