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Note: This is a video demonstration of the original Freelap Pro Coach timing system. The second-generation Pro Coach BLE replaces the handheld display shown in the video with a Bluetooth connection to an Android of iOS device.

The above video is a demonstration of the Freelap Pro Coach timing system. The figures below explain each of the components shown in the video.

Athlete Attaches FxChip

Figure 1: The athlete attaches the FxChip at the waist. The FxChip can time up to ten splits and then wireless transmit the data to a handheld display. Each FxChip has a unique ID and multiple athletes can be timed simultaneously.

Press Button on Tx Touch Pro Transmitter

Figure 2: The athlete prepares to time a block start by placing a thumb on the button in the center of the Tx Touch Pro transmitter. As the athlete begins their sprint and releases the button, the Tx Touch Pro transmitter signals FxChip to start. It is also possible to time standing starts and fly-in starts using a Tx Junior Pro transmitter set to START mode.

Tx Junior Pro Transmitter

Figure 3: The Tx Junior Pro transmitters are placed on the line between lanes. Athletes can run in the lanes on either side of the Tx Junior Pro transmitters. Additional lanes can be timed by using more transmitters. The Tx Junior Pro transmitters in this video are placed at 10 m splits. The Tx Junior Pro transmitters emit a magnetic field that is detected by the FxChip to time the splits.

Pro Coach Handheld Display

Figure 4: When the FxChip passes the last transmitter set to FINISH mode, the FxChip transmits the data to the Relay Coach (not shown in the video) and the Relay Coach transmits the data to the Pro Coach handheld display at a range of up to 200 m. Multiple FxChips can transmit data to the Relay Coach and Pro Coach simultaneously. The splits and total time for each chip can be reviewed on the Pro Coach handheld display.

LED Display

Figure 5: The time can also be shown on the optional LED display. Note the unique chip ID 181 is shown on the display next to the time. The two-line LED display can show the most recent two times that crossed the finish line.

For more information on the Pro Coach timing system and the components see the Pro Coach product page. For pricing information and to place an order see our online store.


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