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Pump Track Designer Kyle Ebbett


Video Transcript

Christopher Glaeser: We are at the Freelap booth at Sea Otter Classic in Laguna Seca with Kyle Ebbett talking about his use of the Freelap system. Welcome.

Kyle Ebbett: Thanks for having me, Christopher.

Christopher Glaeser: You have been using Freelap for two months?

Kyle Ebbett: Yep, two months now at my house. I set it up on my pump track and I also like to take it out on the downhill trails and it’s changed the game, for sure.

Christopher Glaeser: Now you design pump tracks, is that right, and MTB courses as well?

Kyle Ebbett: Yes, I do a lot of course designs from dual slaloms, downhills, and pump tracks, dirt jump course, and free styles. I have my hands in it all. One of the biggest niches is the pump track and now we have pump track races. So I really see the potential of for these pump track racers to learn how to control their rhythm and speed and what works the best to go the fastest. It’s ideal. And also I race downhill so it’s also helping me train and become a faster racer at that as well.

Christopher Glaeser: Now I know when you first put Freelap on your pump track at your house, you tried it yourself, you set your personal course record, I believe it was like a 5.85 seconds. And then your friends came over and it was sort of a gamification of the process. Is that right?

Kyle Ebbett: Yeah, it totally turned into a battleground. It was so much fun and that was the key. It turned training into fun. That’s the most important thing, I think.

Christopher Glaeser: Yeah, I saw on your Facebook different riders were coming over to your house and laying down what they were going to do and then they tried to beat your record. Someone did and then I think you came back and beat that big time, is that right?

Kyle Ebbett: Yeah, you offered a prize, a free T-shirt for someone to come over and beat it, and one of my friends came over and beat that time which was great. And he’s actually one of the kids I never knew was that fast. He’s just so smooth that you can’t see it. And that’s the beauty of the Freelap. Now he knows he’s fast and I thought that was cool. And then obviously I had to step it up and I went out there and stomped on his time.

Christopher Glaeser: Right.

Kyle Ebbett: It’s so much fun. It elevates every aspect of everything. It’s insane.

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