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Video Transcript

Chris Olivier: Alright everybody, I’m Chris Olivier with PlusSize BMX here to talk a little bit about Freelap.

We used it extensively last year at the Lyon’s Outdoor Games in Colorado for our pump track races and I have to say we were blown away by the system. The ease of use, ease of setup; we couldn’t have asked for a better system for an event. Even for a small event it was super easy and worked perfectly. We ran two watches; we had one to show and one to go. We always had someone on the track and someone staged up. No other system for the price can offer that kind of a setup.

Going forward with our Outlaws of Dirt series we’re also planning on using the Freelap system on all of our stops for all the same reasons. Ease of use is the number one thing. We all have a lot of stuff to do at events and not having to worry about the timing system takes a big headache off of my plate and it’s such an easy system to use that we will always use Freelap for pump track races. It’s super simple to use.

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