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Tips on Timing Tempo Runs

Video Transcript:

Hi, here with Freelap USA. In this video I present a couple of tips on how to use Freelap to time tempo runs.

The first tip is to use the watch to collect all the data including both the tempo runs and the recovery times. This is very simple with the Freelap watch. Just press the Mode button once to enter Chrono mode and leave it there for the entire workout. The odd splits will be the times for each tempo, and the even splits will be the time for each recovery. When the coach reviews the data, you can ensure not only that the tempo was at the desired pace, but that the recovery times are correct as well.

The second tip is to use an additional Tx Junior transmitter to time the final 30 meter split of the tempo run. For example, if the tempos are 200 meters, place a transmitter at the start and one at the finish. Place an additional transmitter at the 170 meter mark to time that final 30 meters. As the athlete approaches the 170 meters, they will focus their attention on that final 30 meter split and tend to forget that they just ran 170 meters. The hips will stay in a better position and they will finish strong through the finish as opposed to dragging across the finish.

If you have any questions or feedback you can reach me at Thanks for watching.